5 Easy Football Bets To Win

You may be new to football betting so we have compiled a list of the top 5 easy football bets to win. They will not pay the best odds or have the high-value payout you will get on football accumulators for example but you have a high chance of showing profit from your betting stakes. Obviously, lower odds represent a better chance. Not huge profits — but consistent returns.

easiest football bets

The 5 Easiest Football Bets

Let’s get started – An example of easy football bets with a 50% chance of being correct might have odds of evens/2.00. Bets often have odds as low as 1.1, which indicates more than a 90% chance they will come in… Here are five easy football bets with high likelihoods of being correct:

1. Easy Football Bets Over/Under

This bet allows you to consider whether a football match will have MORE (Over) or LESS (Under) than a certain number of goals. Over/Under bets can have a strong chance of being correct if you choose an Over bet for a low number of goals (e.g. 0.5), or an Under bet for a high number of goals (e.g. 6.5).

For example, a bet for Over 0.5 goals means that only one goal needs to be scored during the course of a football match. As this is a common occurrence odds for this bet can be as low as 1.04.

On the other hand, a bet for Under 6.5 goals means that provided less than six goals are scored during the match, you win.

2. First Half Over/Under

A variation on the Over/Under bet is First (or Second) Half Over/Under. As the name suggests, this bet involves gambling on the number of goals that will be scored in the first or second half of the match.

Since these bets impose a specific time limit (one half of the match), they are less likely than full-match Over/Under bets. However, First or Second Half Over bets for low numbers of goals and First or Second Half Under bets for high numbers of goals can still have a high chance of being correct.

3. Double Chance

Easy football bets include Double Chance, which allows you to bet on two of three possible outcomes for the match. The options for Double Chance are:

  • Home or Draw: the home team wins or the match results in a draw
  • Draw or Away: the away team wins or the match results in a draw
  • Home or Away: the home team wins or the away team wins
  • Since Double Chance allows you to bet on not one, but two possible outcomes, it’s much more likely to be correct than a straight Home, Away, or Draw bet. Depending on the strengths of the teams, odds for Home or Draw or Draw or Away bets can have odds as low as 1.10 and even lower.

4. Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet allows you to speculate on a given team winning the match while protecting yourself from a draw. In other words, if the outcome of the draw is a match, the bet is cancelled and the money is returned. This makes Draw No Bet an easier bet to win than a regular Home or Away bet.

5. Both Teams to Score

For some matches, especially those featuring two attacking football teams, a probable outcome is that both teams will score. This can make Both Teams to Score an easy bet to win.

3 Not so easy Football Bets to Win

We’ve looked at easy football bets but there are also more difficult bets which can have significantly higher odds and better returns if you land one.

1. Correct Scores

One of the most difficult football bets is Correct Score, where you predict on the final result of the match. It’s much less likely to be correct and thus has much higher odds.

2. Half Time Score

A variation on the Correct Score bet is Half Time Score. As you might expect, this involves betting on the exact score of the match at half time, which is often a specific, unlikely outcome.

3. Odds or Evens

Another bet which is notoriously difficult is Odds or Evens. This means gambling on whether the total number of goals scored in the match will be odd or even. If lots of goals are scored in a match, this can be very difficult to predict.

4. Football Accumulators

Trying to predict the results on a number of matches is pretty difficult as you can almost be certain there will be an upset in one selection. The odds can really add up to what might seem on predictable results and it’s very rewarding financially and a buzz to tell your mates. There is the option of acca insurance too if one selection lets you down

What are the easiest football bets to win?

These bets have a high chance of winning, showing lower odds but a better probability. Low risk, low reward.

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