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With the free betting calculator, you can work out potential returns for singles, doubles, trebles and multiple bet accumulators up to 20 selections.

What is a Free Bet Calculator?

A Free Bet Calculator is an advanced online sports betting tool. It is used by punters to calculate stakes and returns for bets including singles, doubles, trebles, trixies, patents, lucky 15 and multiple accumulators like five-folds to twenty-folds. You can factor in bonuses, each-way, dead heats, Rule 4 and other options, which in turn will calculate your total profit.

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Types of Bets that can be used with the Free Bet Calculator.

A single is one bet on a selection. Your selection must be successful to have a return.

A double is one bet on 2 selections in different events. Both selections must be successful to have a return.

A treble is one bet on 3 selections in different events. All three selections must be successful to have a return.

A Trixie consists of four bets on three selections in different events, i.e. 3 doubles and 1 treble. A £1 Trixie costs £4.

A patent consists of seven bets on three selections in different events i.e. 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 treble.

Fourfold Accumulator
A four-fold accumulator is one bet on four selections in different events. All four selections must be successful to have a return.

Fivefold Accumulator
A five-fold accumulator is one bet on five selections in different events. All five selections must be successful to have a return.

A Yankee consists of eleven bets on four selections in different events.

  • 6 doubles,
  • 4 trebles and
  • 1 four-fold accumulator.
  • A £1 Yankee has a total stake of £11.

Lucky 15 – A Lucky 15 bet consists of 15 separate bets.

  • 4 singles,
  • 6 doubles,
  • 4 trebles
  • 1 fourfold accumulator.
  • One winning selection will guarantee a return.

What is Lucky 31?

A Lucky 31 bet is made up of five selections and involves 31 individual lines, ensuring it is a full coverage bet. You only need to have one winner on your bet to see some return on the initial investment.

Canadian/Super Yankee  – A Canadian/Super Yankee consists of twenty-six bets on five selections in different events i.e.,

  • 10 doubles,
  • 10 trebles,
  • 5 four-folds
  • 1 five-fold.
  • A £1 Canadian/Super Yankee has a total stake of £26.

Heinz  – A Heinz consists of fifty-seven bets on six selections in different events

  • 15 doubles,
  • 20 trebles,
  • 15 four-folds,
  • 6 five-folds and an accumulator.
  • A £1 Heinz has a total stake of £57.

What is a Super Heinz?

A Super Heinz consists of one hundred and twenty bets on seven selections in different events i.e.

  • 21 doubles
  • 35 trebles
  • 35 four-folds
  • 21 five-folds
  • 7 six-folds and an accumulator.
  • A £1 Super Heinz has a total stake of £120.

Alphabet – A bet on 6 selections consisting of 26 bets: 2 patents (14 bets), 1 Yankee (11 bets) and a six-fold accumulator (1 bet). Named after the alphabet as it comprises of 26 bets.

  • 1st Patent 1,2,3 7
  • 2nd Patent 4,5,6 7
  • Yankee 2,3,4,5 11
  • Accumulator 1,2,3,4,5,6 1.

The difference and advantage of this method is that it gives the punter the option to arrange their selections so that the more fancied selections have a greater effect on the winnings. The favoured approach is to place fancied choices in positions 2, 3, 4 and 5, leaving 1 and 6 for the least favourite as these are not included in the Yankee. Only one selection needs to win to gain a return. Very popular with horse racing punters, though this wager is possible for every sport.

Fixed percentage bonuses are sometimes given by UK Bookmakers in cases where all selections are winners. For example, if the returns from the bet were £200 and all selections had won, a bonus of 10% would return £220.

What is a Round Robin Bet? 

The round-robin is a 3 selection bet consisting of 10 bets:

  • 3 doubles
  • 1 treble
  • 3 up-and-down single stakes about pairs.

One or more winning selections will guarantee a return from the round-robin, which is one of the main benefits over a Trixie bet, the downside being increased stake requirements.

What is a Flag bet? 

A flag bet takes an existing bet type and adds Up-And-Down single stakes about (SSA) pairs.

The flag bet is a way of adding an any to come if cash element to existing types of bet. Specifically, a flag bet is a Yankee with added Up-And-Downs bets, a super flag is a super Yankee with the Up-And-Downs added, the Heinz flag, super Heinz flag and Goliath flag all belong to their respective prefixes with the Up-And-Down bets added. Flag bets can get very complicated and trying to work out winnings by hand is almost impossible. Slightly confusing is the fact that the Union Jack Bet is not a flag bet! One winning runner will generate a return from this bet.

What is a Union Jack Bet?

A bet of nine selections, consisting of between 8 and 80 bets depending on the type. Named after the Union Jack due to the way groupings are defined, by laying out the selections in a 3 by 3 grid then drawing lines vertically, horizontally and diagonally to find 8 groups of 3. A benefit of this bet is it gives the punter scope to arrange their bets such that their most favoured selections have a greater bearing on returns than their least favoured. Bookmakers often make available special betting slips laid out in the style of a Union Jack.

What is Dutching?
Dutching is a technique used to divide stakes over a number of selections in an event so that the same amount is won regardless of which selection wins. This technique is useful when there are two or more outcomes you wish to back and have a specific amount to stake. Before the rise of betting exchanges, dutching was sometimes used as an elaborate way to lay (bet against) a selection by backing everything else.

What is a Goliath Bet?
The goliath is an 8 selection wager consisting of 247 bets:

  • 28 doubles,
  • 56 trebles,
  • 70 four-folds,
  • 56 five-folds,
  • 28 six-folds,
  • 8 seven-folds and an eight-fold accumulator.

Named after the huge number of bets that this bet consists of. The goliath is one of the largest bets available and is for experienced punters. This multiple bet has the potential to produce huge winnings if you have sufficient stake to fund all bets. All selections have an equal burden on the return so it doesn’t matter which order they are added to the betting slip.

New visitors may also find the detailed Guide to Betting page useful.

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