Niche Sports Free Bets

Finding a way to get that edge over the competition is always tough, with all aspects of athletic contests covered by experts with a seemingly endless wealth of knowledge. This is due to the bountiful amount of data and stats that are now readily available to everyone, rather than what used to be just a few select individuals and companies.

However, despite all this, it is still very difficult to find that edge over the field, unless that is you become an aficionado of a sport so niche that even the pros slip up from time to time, allowing you to pounce. Here are five sports it is increasingly profitable to know your stuff about.


As sports pile online like never before, with everyone from F1 to football taking events into the online ether, Esports are becoming part of the mainstream. Despite this, many odds providers are somewhat behind the curve regarding their expertise in the realm of Esports, often meaning there’s excellent value to be had.

Brush up on your League of Legends and Call of Duty, study the comings and goings at the top Esports teams and suddenly you will find you are well-placed to separate yourself from the pack.


Anyone with even a fleeting knowledge of combat sports will know that strange odds lines regularly appear for many bouts, with underrated fighters oft criminally undervalued, with many TV pundits and self-proclaimed industry insiders buying into the hype fed to them by promoters and fighters alike. Separate yourself from the misleading noise, study fights from small hall shows, and come to your own conclusions, and you may be surprised at how well you will fare. Then it is just a matter of finding the sites that will allow you to wager on the niche fights where the most value is to be had, but with comparison sites like Oddschecker doing the legwork for you, you should always find what you need.


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