Roulette Strategy: Is There Really a Winning System?

Want to spin and win? Try a roulette strategy that might work for you.

Roulette is one of the all-time casino favourites, a classic, exciting and sophisticated way to bet often featured in Hollywood films and enjoyed by people all over the world. It looks fairly simple — a ball is dropped into a spinning wheel and players bet on where it will land, on which number, group of numbers or colours. But winning at roulette can be a tricky affair. 

Roulette is now widely available online as well as at physical casinos. If you’re a novice and looking to play it and win, one thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that casinos don’t offer the game so you can win at it and make a profit. They’re in business to make money, not give lots of it away — although if there were no player winnings at all, they wouldn’t last very long. The key is to use a roulette strategy that taps into that small window of winnings opportunity while knowing the house almost always wins — at least in the long run.

A Simple Roulette Strategy

Just like with other types of casino games, there isn’t anyone roulette strategy to help you win, but several. And it’s advisable to use different strategies and not stick to one, because the casino aims to take your cash and keep it — so one strategy is not going to be effective all the time. 

One roulette strategy is called Progressive Betting and it has several elements to it. It’s called progressive because players can up their bets after seeing what happens during a round. One popular roulette strategy based on this progressive idea is called the Martingale System.  It’s often used by players new to the game because it’s simple and easy to understand. All you do is double your existing bet each time you lose — so you stand a chance of winning but also losing a bet. This system is not a roulette strategy employed by seasoned players, due to its high risk. 

Also under this progressive method is the Reverse Martingale, which is also known as the Payroll system, where all you do is double your bet every time you win. It’s a safer bet than the Martingale, and if you keep on winning, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re playing with the house’s money. The difficulty with both these systems is they rely on a 50{e9a389f00421bc247750a1b5d0cf863d6440914720207736906674feb16949f6} chance of winning, and while you stand a chance of making back any losses in one go, you can rapidly run out of cash. You might also come up against the table’s limit and be unable to progress any further to make up for losses. 

A More Advanced Betting Strategy

Roulette players who have more games under their belt will use different and more advanced strategies. You might not be surprised to learn there’s one called the James Bond roulette strategy — after all, 007 and his glamorous women were no strangers to the roulette table. What it does is try to reduce the house’s odds of winning on spins by spreading bets out over more than half the table. That certainly increases your odds of cashing in, but you need quite a bit to start with.

Another roulette strategy used by experienced players is to bet on numbers alongside their original choices. What you’re doing is splitting your bet and increasing your chances of winning, because if the ball doesn’t land on your first choice, there’s some probability it might end up on neighbouring numbers that are part of your bet. After all, the ball has to land somewhere. This strategy is not allowed with every type of roulette — it is generally only permitted with French Roulette. 

Probably the best strategy of all with roulette is when you’re on a roll, know when to quit.

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