If you are looking for a free horse racing tipster then the Timeform tips free website gives good horse racing in the UK. And you can bet the smart way with Timeform UK SmartPlays, bringing you the best backs and lays from the site every day.

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The Timeform analyst assesses every race every day in Britain and Ireland. In 2019 this added up to over 10,000 races across more than 1400 meetings in the United Kingdom! As well as appearing online, comments and verdicts are published in the racecards of the majority of the sixty racecourses in Great Britain.

timeform tips


Introducing +Timeform: A service from At The Races to Take your form study to another level.

Users can access exclusive ratings, post-race analysis, pace information, and horse profiles from Timeform all through the common framework of attheraces.com.

There’s nowhere else on the internet where you can find this outstanding quality content. Timeform has been doing this for over 65 years and is the most valued premium form information provider in the betting industry. If you want an extra tool in your daily struggle against the bookmakers.

What is Timeform

Timeform is a form analysis tool from at the races. It provides you passage to Timeform’s own independent race numbers and horse profiles, plus pace information and post-race summary for up to three races for each horse. This information is produced by Timeform, the best brand in horse form information.


For the purpose of identifying – and even pre-empting – the suitability of a track for a horse, Timeform analyse a horse’s lifetime record against our unique digital data for each course, and the ones that fit are flagged up, as are those that don’t fit. So, essentially, a Horses For Courses tick means the horse has a history of performing well on the type of track it’s facing that day, while a poor record is expressed through the Horses For Courses cross.


The sectional-timing analysis considers how an overall time was achieved, and not just what that overall time was, by using times for sections of the race along the way. Some of these sectional times are provided electronically, but Timeform augments these extensively with times taken from video analysis and live at the course.

Horses that run close to efficiently, or totally efficiently, get little or no upgrade to the ability implied by their overall time. But horses that run inefficiently will get marked up greater or lesser amounts according to the degree to which they differed from par.

The Sectional Flag is attributed to a select number of horses that have been identified, through sectionals, as of particular interest. Over and above having shaped better than the result in a recent race, such horses are likely to have sectional ratings (their time figure upgraded as a result of sectionals) which suggest they are potential winners in the future.

Is it worth paying for Timeform Tips?

The free Timeform tips and comments are selected by an expert team but there is only so much information that can be provided in their service. But, if you want to probe further and carry out your own form analysis, which includes accessing exclusive ratings and reviews compiled by Timeform’s in-house handicappers and race analysts, then +Timeform service offers unbeatable value.

timeform tips


About Timeform Tips

Timeform tips are a sports tipster and content provider in the UK. They were founded in 1948 providing information to fans, gamblers, and others in the horse racing industry. The company was purchased by the sports betting exchange Betfair in December 2006

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